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Guest Posts & Podcasts

Listen to some of Erica's audio resources and or read guest articles, where you'll find common ground, encouragement, and shared hope. She covers topics like marriage and parenting in chronic illness, clinging to faith and courage in trials, how to prepare for challenging seasons, and much more!

Podcast Interviews

Image by Scott Elkins

Hope in Grief Articles

Erica is a contributor to the Hope in Grief collaborative led by author Lisa Appelo, where readers can find resources and encouragement for all types of grief and loss.

How can we allow chronic illness to unite us, not divide us, as a married couple and avoid the alarming divorce statistics? Read 7 practical ways to keep your marriage strong in chronic illness. [read more...]

Grief is a tricky subject when it comes to our children. We try to hide our sadness, questions and doubt in order to protect them from pain. Hard as it is, I don’t hide grief from my child and I share three reasons why. [read more...]

Chronic illness and disability often brings unexpected losses in nearly every season, making it seem impossible to properly grieve and heal. Grieving ambiguous loss in chronic illness means trusting God in layers of unresolved loss. [read more...]

During your Sunday greeting, you’re likely interacting with someone suffering from a chronic illness undetectable to you. How can the church include and better serve those with chronic illnesses? [read more...]

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